“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

Theodore Roosevelt

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"Past" Life and Timeline Regression

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In recent years Past Life Regression has attracted a great deal of positive publicity and those therapists who use it regularly know that it is one of THE most powerful therapeutic interventions in the therapists’ arsenal of techniques.
The causes of a wide range of stress-related and emotional problems, as well as many dysfunctional behaviour patterns, can often be traced back not only into this lifetime but also back to events and traumas which have occurred in past lives. By allowing our clients to recall and explore the dramas of past lives we can help to, effectively treat many issues presented in therapy.
Stimulate increased self-knowledge and reduce or overcome fear of death.
Reveal the karmic causes of physical illnesses and heal them.
Dissolve the negative aspects of the past which hinder growth and contentment.
Discover a greater meaning and purpose in life and enhance spiritual awareness.

About HypnoReiki Therapy & Coaching

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HypnoReiki Therapy & Coaching established their practice in 2016, offering powerful, life changing sessions in several modalities. Combining Hypnosis, Reiki, "Past" Life Regression and Psychic Intuitive Coaching to achieve lasting changes. Improving all areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relationship, and Spiritual Health. 

At some point or another, we all feel the desire to improve the quality of our lives. Get ready to evolve, change and realise your full potential. Contact HypnoReiki Therapy & Coaching and book an appointment today.

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